Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cleaning Monopoly

Around here not having a clean lady is pretty unheard of and even something you might not want to mention in public. Futhermore, there seems to a monopoly of sorts on good cleaning ladies. My friend tells me that once someone finds a woman who can really clean, this someone, Mrs X, becomes an unofficial broker for this woman and anyone who wants to 'borrow' her must first go through Mrs. X who 'discovered' her. The whole thing doesn't sit well with me.

Cleaning your own house does save some money although I have no problem with people who leave the cleaning to someone else. My home is not always as clean and neat as I would like it (I do have a toddler and my husband and I both collect books and possible (read: probably not) antiques we find at yard sales, so there goes the 'neat' part) but I do try to clean a little every day. Somone who came over for a shabbos meal walked in and said 'Well this looks like a house that is lived in'! I knew exactly what she meant because i've seen homes in the area that were spotless and without a toy or book in sight. Of course they probably have a playroom in the basement, but sometimes too clean is a little eerie, especially when there are kids living there.


  1. Personally I prefer "lived in" to spotless I am too scared to step in lest I offend the hostess if I breathe..

  2. For cleaning, I'm totally hooked on this lady: I even have both dusters and the Rubba Scrubba (best tool ever!) Oddly, her site is cluttered, but worth the time to wade through. I hope you are VERY proud of your "lived in" home surrounded by your books- sounds like a place I'd like. I can't stand those sterile homes. They're impossible to relax in, almost downright creepy.