Sunday, July 19, 2009

Free Reads

This is going to sound cheap because you might say, how much does a magazine subscription cost anyway? But the simple truth is that it all adds up. We do purchase two subscriptions but I get the rest at no cost off freebie forums such as There is no scam or fraud involved since publishers actively try to bump up their readership for advertising or other purposes, which I read about once but can't be bothered to summarize it all what with the humidity today, I'm just waiting for something to cook so I can escape the kitchen. Yes, my laptop is in the kitchen and it's pretty convenient when looking up recipes, although my two year old already thinks she owns the computer so it's difficult to get a turn. What, you thought I was the boss around here?

Sorry, am I rambling? Back to the magazines, you can easily get free subscriptions for a few issues or even a year or two, all you have to do once the time is up is cancel.

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  1. We get the New Yorker and we love it, but there's NEVER time to read the whole thing before the next issue comes. We always think we'll get to it though, hence the giant towers of them upstairs and down. Here's my mister's letter canceling his NG subscription- I second his sentiments: