Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a Waste!

I was thinking about how a greasy slice of pizza is such a waste of money and you're better off baking your own from scratch unless there is a classy brick oven pizza joint where you live. That got me thinking of other classic money wasters:

- Heimishe brand pasta

- Kedem wine (technically this saves you money but if it's real wine you're after you could get Alfasi from Chile which is not expensive and not bad at all and you won't be lying when you call it wine. That was an awful run-on sentence.

- Hiring professional painters: painting on your own is easy, fun and a great workout, not to mention all the cash you save on labor costs.

- Lots of baby products that we think we must buy because of great advertising, a subject discussed in the great book Parenting, Inc. Did babies not sit before Bumbo chairs?

- Shopping in stores you can't really afford because you have to keep up with the Schlesingers.

Got any more?


  1. Yeah, I know. I'm not really feeling the love for the Schlesingers either.

  2. You should see the Schlesingers next door here (aka Mr. and Mrs. Perfect)- at least we get to use their hot tub when they're out of town!